Maddy’s walks, week ending 3rd of July 2011


Maddy & Molly


Elvy, Hugo, Molly & Maddy

Hugo, Elvy, Molly all chasing Maddy

Shelly & Maddy hoping for a piece of bacon off my plate (while at a cafe one morning)

Maddy, Rusty & Jester

Jester, Maddy & Rusty

Maddy, & Rusty

Jester, Maddy & Rusty

Kayla chasing the ball while Maddy hangs back for a possible treat


Maddy & Kayla

Kayla & Maddy

Tinoh & Maddy

Maddy and local dog Bino

Trudeau, Maddy & Tinoh (and local dog Bino)

Dash, Trudeau, Maddy & Tinoh

Maddy & Shelly sleeping by the heater together

Maddy & Shelly, did you say 'walk'?

Maddy asleep half on the couch and half on me!


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