Cesar Millan’s tips of the week, 21st September

Barking – It’s Natural!

An excerpt from Cesar’s website, http://www.cesarsway.com

Cesar Millan and his dogs

Many early humans brought canines into their settlements to take advantage of one key trait: their bark! They alerted humans to potential dangers and helped keep the camp safe.

Today, we still utilize this trait. Our dogs let us know when someone approaches our property, arrives at the door, or delivers our mail. Having a dog as a vigilant sentry keeps many humans sleeping soundly at night.

But not all barking is natural. Problems can develop if a dog has pent-up energy, grows anxious, becomes overexcited, or is unsure of his or her role in the pack. The dog will become frustrated and may begin to bark excessively.

At the Dog Psychology Center, my pack of over thirty dogs lets me know when a stranger approaches the compound. This reaction is normal, and as the pack leader, I keep it from getting out of control by using my calm-assertive energy to tell them that everything is okay.

Establishing pack leadership is the key to managing any instinctual behavior, and barking is no exception!


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