Rusty & Little’s walks, week ending 19th September 2010

Rusty & Little

Well it was a fun time and a sad time this week. I took Rusty and Little on as new clients almost 5 months ago while their other wonderful dog walker  had a few months off work. We thought it would be for 3 months but I was very lucky to have them with me for a bit longer. This week was our last walks for a while and I will miss their furry little faces quite a lot. This may not be the last time they appear on the blog so watch this space!



Rusty (silhouette), on one very stormy morning still wanted to swim none the less!

Little having a roll as she does

Rusty, another day another stick (or in this case a small tree). I couldn't get a good photo of him this week without a stick in his mouth!


Rusty, with his stick/small tree. He didn't pull this out of the ground it was like this when we got here (no really it was).

Rust, Me & Little (bit of a hard shot to get with the camera on timer, dogs don't seem to want to look at the camera that long!)

Have a great holiday both Rust & Little and your parents, I’ll be visiting you when you get back!


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