Are you part of the pack?

Walks N’ Wags finally has a dog blog!

Well finally as promised it’s here, the Balmain Walks N’ Wags dog blog. I had been meaning to have this blog up and running months and months ago but after procrastinating long enough it was time to bite the bullet and get motivated. And once started it wasn’t hard, as you can see I really enjoy my walks with my furry clients just as much as they do!

You’ll notice that this blog is sort of set up like a website. Up the top you’ll find a menu with few different pages you can click-through to, that tells you about my service and a bit about me and my background.

One the main page or “landing page” (using some of my advertising tech talk there) you’ll see the top 3 most recent or relevent posts that you can click on read just like this one.

If you look down the bottom of the page you’ll see the archive area with different categories. “Meet the Pack” is where you’ll find each individual profile of all the dogs I walk with lots of photos etc. These will be updated on a weekly basis.

So have a look around, explore and let me know what you think about the “Balmain dog Blog”!


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